Senior Manager Operations Control & Support (SMOCS)

Oman Air

  • Muscat
  • Permanent
  • Full-time
  • 7 days ago
Job Description:
1.Manage the Operations Control, Dispatch, Navigation & Aircraft Performance and Technical Publications sections for Flight Operations and its related activities;
2.Ensure that the sectional Managers have established procedures and processes in accordance with the relevant regulatory and company requirements to control, manage and supervise their sections and systems used in a safe and efficient manner;
3.Ensure that Technical Publications section staff complies with the relevant requirements, policies, procedures and process to achieve effective documentation control including procurement, distribution and amendment of documents;
4.Ensure that the IOCC staff complies with relevant requirements, policies, procedures and processes to achieve safe and efficient operational control;
5.Ensure that the Navigation and Airport Performance section staff complies with the relevant requirements, policies, procedures and processes;
6.Monitor and assess the related functions of IOCC & its stake holders to address and focus on the following:
a) Adherence to Flight Disruption Procedure.
b) The schedule integrity is maintained as close as possible to its original state;
c ) To draw plans in such an efficient manner that it entails minimum delays, repercussion, cancellation and minimum inconvenience the airline passengers and customers;
7.Provision of 24/7 operational control supervision, coordination, flight following and communication for the best interest of safety & efficiency;
8.Ensure proper Coordination, communication for the best management of flight & operational disruptions;
9.Establish and maintain an efficient tracking and follow-up system of inbound and outbound documentation and mail;
10.Establish and maintain an efficient control system over sections required equipment and supplies purchasing;
11.Ensure control and supervision of vehicle allocated to Technical Publication section;
12.Promote efficient exchange of information within Operations Control & Support sections, Flight Operations and with interfacing departments and other units;
13.Ensure that the related sections procedure Manuals and related functions within Ops Control & Support meets the IOSA latest ISARPS and audit requirements.
14.Ensure that the Sectional Managers within Operations Control & Support adheres to Safety & Quality standards and procedures and to create awareness among all staff.
15.Participate & communicate to IATA on MENA Regional Coordinating Group (RCG) and contribute on all beneficial related issues and share the information with all Oman Air concerned management as applicable.
16.Participate & communicate on AACO Environmental Policy Group issues that are related to Carbon emissions, taxation to support any Globalized measures that may be regulated by ICAO based on IATA, AACO & state and share the available information with all Oman Air concerned management as applicable.

Bachelor degree in a related discipline preferably in Aviation science, aviation operation management with 10 years of relevant work experience preferably in flight operations of which 3 years of Managerial experience specific to Flight Operations Control & Support.
Master Degree in the related discipline will be advantage

Operations Management
Air Space and Traffic Management
Project Management
Time Management
Management skills especially human factor specializing
Leadership skills
Operational Readiness Projects
Familiar with IATA various Operational, Safety & Infrastructure Groups as well as Airline RCG
Familiar with AACO Operational, Technical & Environmental working Groups related Airline.
Familiar with EU-ETS and ICAO Road map on Carbon Emissions
Familiar with EASA, ICAO & other regulatory requirements.
Fuel Conservation Projects
EFB Projects.
IOCC concepts